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Chinchillas are beautiful creatures. And there's nothing more special than having happy pets. So when I found out that my friend Stacy was an Austin chinchilla breeder, I was over-joyed. Stacy loves chinchillas. And with Stacy breeding chinchillas, you know you will have a happy chinchilla.

Stacy had some sweet chinchillas as pets. So the next step was to become a chinchilla breeder. So she converted her entire home into a chinchilla play ground of sorts, and thus was born Critter Central, an Austin Chinchilla Breeder.

Magic - chinchilla from an Austin chinchilla breederAustin Chinchilla Breeder

So what makes her a great chinchilla breeder? Lots of love. I remember her telling me how she took care of her chins. While most breeders locked their chinchillas in cages and breed for the money, Stacy told me she thought that was inhumane.

I remember going out to see Patrice Pike perform at the Saxon Pub in Austin. The show ended. I asked if she wanted to go out and grab a drink. "No, I've got to run my chins."

Run her chinchillas?

India - chinchilla picture from an Austin chinchilla breederWell, if you go to her house, you'll know what she means. Her kitchen is packed with a network of chinchilla cages. Her living room is setup so it can be easily blocked off so that she can "run her chins." She blocks it off and every evening, her chinchillas run free around her living room!

I tell ye! I couldn't imagine doing that at my house. She lets them run free!? Why?

Well, chinchillas need to exercise too. Would you like to be locked up in a cage all day? She's got to be the kindest chinchilla breeder out there. Consequently, she has happy chinchillas.

And since this is just a fun hobby, she's also not trying to make bucks off these animals. Compassion and love. That's what makes a happy chinchilla, and that's what makes Stacy IMHO the Best Austin Chinchilla Breeder, and the #1 Texas Chinchilla Breeder at that. If there was an award, she's got it!

Stacy, thanks for all the love, and look at all those Happy Chinchillas!!!

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